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What are Laminate Veneers?
Functionality and aesthetic, structural durability, these are highly important for both dentist and technician. Shaping teeth is not only achieved by color. Zirconium crowns are designed by taking color tone, saturation, brightness and how transclucent they are into account A prosthodontist would be performing above mentioned treatments. Patients who seek solution to their serious functionality and aesthetic flaws in their mouth should consult a prosthodontist who is equipped with expertise in this area of dentistry since “makeover” procedure requires major changes.
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Popular Questions Answered
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Caps and Crowns are the solution, they have the look of a natural tooth. These materials use root as a foundation to settle, later are fused together with special mix. Veneers and bonding increase your smiling quality, when these are being applied, a layer of whitening material is sticked on natural tooth. You should always ask your doctor to learn the right approach.
You have various options to pick from, your teeth could be extended, gaps closed, and chips repaired. However, other options are; bonding, crowns, veneers and re-countouring. Bonding is essentially where tooth’s surface is covered by a special mix of resin (strong plastic material) and strengthened with a special light, it is to say, mix is attached to the tooth. Crowns, however, are caps placed over teeth to encase the visible parts of tooth that is situated above gum line. Veneers (porcelain veneers, dental porcelain laminates) are thin, custom-designed materials that are crafted to cover the front side of the teeth. These veneers are bonded to the front teeth. Lastly, re-contouring, in other words, reshaping of teeth (odontoplasty, enameloplasty) is the process where small amount of tooth enamel is stripped off to adjust tooth length, its shape and/or surface. Every option has unique cost, durability, and treatment period to achieve the desired result as most cosmetic as possible to solve the problem. We would gladly help you with each
Zirconiums has great durability and usually lasts longer than porcelain counterpart. Porcelain crowns require replacement after few years. However, zirconium has shown that it has %99 survival rate after 5 years. Zirconiums have different colors and highly translucent.

Natural Display in Dental Aesthetics
Pale and opaque display of the teeth might look insufficient to the patient in terms of lacking translucence.

There are various factors that dentists pay attention. Cutting the edge area of teeth and structural integrity also play important role in this case.

E-Max Laminate Veneers
This method is considered a new generation approach in aesthetic dentistry. This technique is usually preferred in anterior teeth treatments. E-Max treatment aims to deliver the optimal coating that fits the infrastructure of the tooth.

Poor display on the teeth could be eliminated using this method. Prices, however, may differ from patient to patient. E-Max veneers are solid solutions to handle tooth defections and yellowing over time caused by dental traumas.

Therefore, E-Max Dental Veneers contributes to designing the perfect smile, display of your teeth with the natural display.

In Which Situations is E-MAX Laminate Veneers Applied?
Yellowing Teeth
E-Max coating comes with both durability and translucent feeling while resisting bendings.

Crooked Teeth
E-Max method can especially restore anterior teeth area at desired levels of aesthetic smile.

Root Canal Treated Teeth
If teeth had treated with root canal treatment before, E-Max technique can be applied after assessing teeth sensitivity, procedure can also be used for the teeth that are situated in the back side of mouth to eliminate breaks and cracks.

Broken and Split Tooth
E-Max treatment could fix the gap caused by long-term decayings and dental traumas.

What differencees are there between E-Max veneers and Zirconium Crowns?
In terms of durability, Zirconium is superior to E-Max Veneers

E-Max has the benefit of more permeability and aesthetic display than Zirconium.

To simplify, Zirconium would be preferred for dental health concerns whereas E-Max would come forward with aesthetic beauty.

E-Max applications are more suitable for anterior part, however, Zirconium suits better for posterior teeth due to its benefits.

Porcelain Laminate Veneers
Main point of Laminate porcelains is that they are quite thin ceramic products and are specifically used on anterior teeth. Porcelain laminates are widely applied to our patients who are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth, broken tooth, abraded or overlapped complications as well as who are diagnosed with diastema. Pivot point during the process is the preparation phase of teeth through abrading 0.5mm of its surface

Laminate porcelainds are attached to the teeth with the help of a special dentistry adhesive technique. But how is it this thin material so strong? Because porcelain implants show similar characteristics to the enamel after attachment is done. Abrasing the teeth, measuring them, manufacturing and application processes are conducted very meticulously during treatment so that our patient would leave our clinic with high comfort and standards.

Laminate Porcelain application is suitable for:

If you suffer from broken and/or notched anterior teeth or any structural deficiency.
If you suffer from color deficiency on your teeth and/or not satisfied with their display
If you have stains on your teeth caused by tetracycline or excessive consumption of fluorine
If you had root canal treatment prior to this operation
If you suffer from diastema on anterior teeth
First Appointment
Your dentist will analyze your teeth structure by taking your jaw, facial structure records, taken photographs, lower and upper jaw models, present tooth color taking into consideration. Later, your demands and expectations would be discussed. Meanwhile, your temporary laminates are fitted onto your teeth and there will a general idea of how process is going to happen.

Preparing the Teeth: Cutting teeth surface
Dentist decides whether anesthesia is required or not before the operation. Main point of this phase is to proceed with as little cuts as possible. Dentist may need to make cuts ranging from 0.5mm to 2.00mm. Our aim here is to create a laminate surface that shares the same thickness with the teeth. However, some cases have shown that if your teeth is located deep behind means no cut is required.

Measuring laminate porcelains are done by a very sensitive operation after which your mock ups are prepared in lab environment. During process, dentist, and technician work together to bring the desired result.

Temporary Laminate
When cutting phase is done, you will feel a ragged surface on your teeth along with sharp and cornered areas. Because enamel levels are now reduced on your teeth, you may feel extra sensitivity with hot and cold. To eliminate these flaws, your temporary laminate will be planted on your teeth. Temporary laminates are composite products and takes a little time to prepare them. They are not as durable as your permanent laminates so you should be careful not to break them while using.

Fixing Laminate Porcelains
To eliminate unforeseen flaws, we first perform a demo process to see if everything is ready according to plan. While this process is going on, the dentist may perform adjustments to your laminates to give them the desired shape. Because laminates are not super durable, they are not fixed in your mouth during demo phase, so it would not be possible to see the real color. Therefore, you will be able to see the real color of your teeth after they are fixed.

However, there are water-soluble trial pastes that help you see the final color in some cases.

The technique used to fix these laminates are different than other porcelain insertion operations. In fixing phase, teeth and laminates are done at the same time, washed and dried. During first phase, your teeth surface will be etched with the help of phosphoric acid. Etching is an operation that requires microscopic attention and helps adhesive to be applied in a proper way. Later, your bondings will be done. These bondings help cement to stick to surface correctly through chemical route. After bonding process, they will be silaned (a chemical process). Chemical applications are done meticulously. Later, dentist positions the adhesive to the inner surface of the cemented laminate. As for cleaning, excess adhesive is cleaned throughly. A specific wavelength is reflected on the surface of teeth. At the end of the procedure, dentist checks your lip closure and ends the operation with finishing touches.

Composite Bonding in Turkey
What is composite bonding?
This is the restoration process of deformed, broken, color loss of teeth by using composite materials. Bonding technique is a type of restoring teeth that is an alternative to porcelain veneers on teeth are darkened, cracks and or small fractures. The dentist delivers the desired aesthetic outcome by using filling material.

What are advantages?
It delivers an aesthetic outcome
Could be done in a short period and generally finished in one appointment
Cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers
Easy to repair and/or renew
What are the disadvantages?
Easy to break since composite filler is not durable as tooth enamel or porcelain.
Patient’s oral care and eating habits may lead to color change and/or deterioration over time.
It may require to be replaced every 3-5 years.
Aesthetic Fillings
These are composite tooth-colored fillings that consist of silicon dioxide particles. Nowadays, these could be applied to all surfaces, even posterior teeth. They are used as an alternative to amalgam fillings too. After composite process is done, bondings are made along with decay removal on teeth. Current composite fillings are respectfully durable and do not change any color.

What exactly is E-Max Laminate Veneer Treatment?
Consulting the dentist prior to treatment:

Before procedure takes place, laminate veneer is applied. Your examinations will also be done in this phase. Therefore, how your laminate coating will be done is decided. Your teeth will be rasped to a level that as if they don’t exist prior to laminate veneer. Afterwards, fillings are prepared in lab environment and adhered to your natural teeth.

Now, your teeth have quite a durable structure that they cannot be broken or removed. Color change will also not be a problem. After laminating, cigarette use, coffee or tea will not be a problem as well. Therefore, they are preferred a lot.

Preparing your lamina veneer:
Laminating is also called “leaf coating”. This process is applied by rasping healthy tooth tissue to a level where it is expendable after on. Coating will be applied to the teeth surface with 0.3 – 0.7 mm filling on the surface.

Experts will measure patient’s teeth as a result desired color tone is choosen. After this process, your teeth will be filled as thin as possible according to the 0.3 – 0.7mm measurements then laminate veneer is applied.

Applied laminate veneer will look as this as a leaf, this way, they will look same as your natural teeth from front perspective, and you will have your great smile with smooth texture and display. There is no change is observed in color post operated teeth after this operation.

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