Today, many of our patients can have healthy teeth in 7 days with the dental veneer method. For aesthetic reasons, the teeth can be obtained by cloning the teeth. It is ensured that the teeth that have lost excessive substance due to some reasons are covered with tooth-shaped materials. These types of procedures do not harm the teeth, but provide a longer life of the teeth.
After the selection of a suitable dental veneer by specialist dentists, the entire perimeter of the tooth or the area to be treated is molded.
After working with materials such as zirconium, metal-supported porcelain, e-max laminate veneers according to these measurements, the teeth are reduced to a certain extent and rehearsals are made by taking measurements. Tooth coating treatment ends in 7 days. There may be a sensitivity problem in the teeth for a while after the tooth coating, but this situation will pass by itself in a short time.